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Try out collaboration for free. Connect your teams with intelligent communication to keep your staff safe and productive from anywhere: Cisco Webex Meetings, VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling and Cisco Webex Teams.

See how your business can benefit from full featured meetings, toll dial-in, VoIP audio and unlimited messaging to keep your remote workers connected.

Learn more about equipping your employees to work from anywhere

Essentials to building a secure and connected remote workforce

Intelligent teamwork

Meetings & Conferencing

Keeping your staff safe should be your first priority. If you can't securely access your organizations network to communicate from any location, you can't stay productive during a disruption

Intelligent workspaces

Voice, Video, Meetings

Tools such as Cisco Webex Meetings, VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling and Cisco Webex Teams can help you quickly shift schedules and rapidly communicate updates so you can keep your staff safe and productive--from anywhere

Intelligent customer journeys

Customer Contact Center

It's important that your key leaders are able to communicate with each other and coordinate their teams to maintain business as usual. Keep communication channels open with your customers no matter where your staff are

Learn more about equipping your employees to work from anywhere

Collaboration for All Areas of Your Business

Work smarter with Webex Meetings

  • Web & Video Conferencing
  • Application/File Sharing
  • Multimedia Content Sharing
  • Chat & Brainstorming Tools
  • Webinars
  • Call Sharing
  • Conferencing

Voice, Video, Meetings

Combine voice, video, Webex Teams, and other forms of communications

  • Single number access to all your devices and access to applications just as though you were in the office.
  • Scale quickly to add new users and offices around the globe with a consistent feature set for all.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest software updates without additional capital investments or significant IT involvement.

Customer Contact Centre

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value

  • Infuse your contact centre with AI and data to create contextual and predictive customer experiences.
  • Use cloud data analytics to learn about your customers.
  • Improve first-contact resolution by giving your agents quick access to subject matter experts with built-in collaboration.

Intrado Supports Your Collaboration Needs

Intrado provides everything you need for effective communications, seamlessly integrated on a single platform. Unify your workforce, improve productivity, performance - and reduce your costs!

Cisco Partner

We're Cisco's collaboration specialist partner. There really is nobody better to help bring to life Cisco's collaboration software.

Improve Customer Experience

Connect Front and Back office to access information and support staff where they need it most.

Reduce Costs

With 'Flip-to-flex', there's no need to pay for multiple licenses separately.

Scalable Solution

Manage Webex, telephony and contact centre from one platform.

Global Presence

of the world's countries.

global customers; with Intrado offices in 17 countries.

languages localized across technology platforms.


Global conferencing service provider; 117 million conference calls.

Provider of HCS-powered UCaaS solutions.

Average UCaaS seat deployment 30x larger than SMB-focused providers.

Customer Strength

Fortune 100 Clients.

total clients.

"Comparing the features, the functionality, the security, as well as the direction and alignment of our companies, Intrado was the obvious choice."

Chip Goodman, VP of IT, Berkeley Research Group