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Resources for Public Relations

[PRNEWS E-Book] Less Gut, More Data 
Create better campaigns using PR measurement.

[PRWeek E-Book] The Evolving PR/Marketing Partnership 
Learn how PR can improve using tech, data analysis and ROI measurement.

[Webinar] Less Gut, More Data 
An on-demand version of our PR measurement webcast.

[Blog] Free Press Release Templates
Six free press release templates for multiple situations.

[E-Book] 5 Ways Media Monitoring Can Benefit Your Business and Brand
Turn data from conversations into actionable insights you can use. 

[Blog] Fake News and the Role of the Newswire
To combat fake news, arm yourself with a credible newswire.
[E-Book ] Virtual Events Playbook 
Plan and execute successful virtual events.

Fact Sheets

Notified Overview
What is Notified? A high-level view of our all-in-one PR platform.    

Notified Product Sheet
The best-in-class features of the Notified platform.
Distribute news, increase brand awareness and measure results.
Virtual Events Product Sheet
Create virtual events on a secure platform.
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